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Scientist, Western Ghats

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I obtained a Masters degree in wildlife biology in 1998, during which I studied diversity of herpetofauna in three different habitats in Hogenakkal, Eastern Ghats, for my thesis project. Later, in 1999, I joined Divya Mudappa for fieldwork in the rainforests at Sengaltheri, Kalakad - Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve (KMTR). 

After that pleasant experience in the Western Ghats rainforests, I moved to scrub jungles of the Eastern Ghats to study one of the rarest birds in the world, the Jerdon’s Courser. I joined Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS-India) in 2000 to work on this critically endangered species for my doctoral research. At KMTR, I had learnt how to detect the presence of Jerdon’s Palm Civets through camera traps and track plots. I modified the same methods to detect the presence of Jerdon’s Coursers at Sri Lankamaleswara Wildlife Sanctuary, Cuddapah, Andhra Pradesh. 

I joined NCF in August 2008 to work with the team at Valparai in the Anamalai Hills, mainly for the conservation education program. I have also been closely involved in developing EcoQuest, Anamalai Nature Discovery Centre, established here. I continue to design, develop, and conduct conservation education programs for school children, visitors, and local people in the Valparai landscape. However, I do plan to shuttle between Western and Eastern Ghats to continue my work on coursers as well.


Varattuparai 201

Fostering eco-friendly plantations

Linking sustainable agriculture and conservation in plantation landscapes


Living with leopards

Carnivore, conflicts, and conservation in the Anamalai hills

 gan3519 20crop

LTM in the neighbourhood

Building coexistence to conserve an endangered primate


Nurturing nature appreciation

Rekindling conservation awareness and connections with nature


Of forests and farms

Conserving wildlife in forests and plantations in the landscape

Jerdon's 20courser 700

Saving the endangered Jerdon's Courser

Jerdon's Courser Recovery Programme

Ltm kalyan 1020

Towards wildlife-friendly roads

Studying and reducing impacts of roads on wildlife in the Anamalai hills

Ltm with infant

Wildlife in rainforest fragments

Life in the treetops and undergrowth in rainforest remnants


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    Birds of Tamil Nadu - pocket guide
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    The Hindu Tamil Diwali Malar.

    Jeganathan, P. (2016). Thannai Ariyum Yanaigalin Thuyarai Arivom (On threats to Asian elephants). The Hindu Tamil Diwali Malar. The Hindu Magazine-Diwali Special issue–November 2016. Pp.222-230. Link here.

  • Book
    Thattangal, Usithattangal: arimuga kaiyedu. (A field guide on dragonflies & damselflies in Tamil)
    P Jeganathan, R Bhanumathi
    Cre-A. Chennai.Pp1-224

    தட்டான்கள், ஊசித்தட்டான்கள்: அறிமுகக் கையேடு. க்ரியா வெளியீடு. சென்னை 1-244. Link here

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    Jeganathan, P. (2016).Sing me a folktale. The Hindu. In school, 26th October. http://www.thehindu.com/todays-paper/tp-in-school/article9268433.ece

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    Jeganathan, P. (2015). Sariyaga Nadakindranava Vana Uyirina Vara Vizakkal (Comments on 2015 Tiruppur Wildlife Week celebration). The Hindu Tamil News Daily, Online edition. 9th October 2015. The Hindu link here. Uyiri Blog link here.

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    Jeganathan, P. (2015). இயற்கையை அழித்து வளர்ச்சியா?- திஇந்துநாளிதழ், சிந்தனைக் களம், சிறப்புக் கட்டுரை. 18thApril 2015. (Tamil version of ‘The long road to growth’ by T. R. Shankar Raman.) Iyarkaiyai azithu valarchiya?The Hindu Tamil Op-Ed. 18th April 2015. 

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    English version by T R Shankar Raman link here).

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    Jeganathan, P. (2015). வானில் பறக்கும் புள்களைத் தேடி. தி ஹிந்து சித்திரை மலர். January 2015. (On my eBirding Big Year). Vanil Parakkum Pulgalai Thedi. The Hindu Sithirai Malar. January 2015. 

    My personal blog link here and Sithirai Species issue link here.

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